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Numerical Programming CSE 1

Prof. Dr. Falk Hante

Wintersemester 2013/14

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Content of the Lecture

The modul description can be found at TUMonline under the modul number MA3305.


20.02.2014 Examination results have been published in TUMOnline. Dates for inspection and re-examination have been published below.
09.12.2013 Due to the Dies Academicus at thursday 12.12.2013, there is no tutorial and no exercise sheet this week.
03.12.2013 The examination date remains fixed as announced in class (see details below).
30.10.2013 First lecture notes available.
21.10.2013 The tutorial takes place in the Otto-Lilienthal-Hörsaal (5506.EG.608M) which is located on the ground floor inside the chair for aerospace engineering.
21.10.2013 Room change: Both lectures are now scheduled in MI HS 2.
15.10.2013 Website of this lecture created.

Organisational Matters


Mo 12:00 - 14:00 Room: MI HS 2 Prof. Dr. Falk Hante
Tu 12:00 - 14:00 Room: MI HS 2 Prof. Dr. Falk Hante
Th 12:00 - 13:30 Room: 0608m, Otto-Lilienthal-Hörsaal (5506.EG.608M) Andreas Denner First Tutorial: 24.10.





Published Exercise Sheet1)Sort Material Hints
22.10.2013 Blatt01.pdf   solution01.pdf
29.10.2013 Blatt02.pdf   solution02.pdf
05.11.2013 Blatt03.pdf   solution03.pdf
12.11.2013 Blatt04.pdf exercise43.m newt.m solution04.pdf
19.11.2013 Blatt05.pdf cheb_nodes.m exercise54.m solution05.pdf
26.11.2013 Blatt06.pdf exercise64.m solution06.pdf
03.12.2013 Blatt07.pdf   solution07.pdf
17.12.2013 Blatt08.pdf exercise84.m solution08.pdf
07.01.2014 Blatt09.pdf exercise93.m exercise94.m solution09.pdf
16.01.2014 Blatt10.pdf   solution10.pdf
27.01.2014 Blatt11.pdf exercise112.m solution11.pdf
03.02.2014 Blatt12.pdf    


Literature and References