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Numerical Programming 2

Prof. Dr. Bastian von Harrach

Summer Term 2011

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Lecture content

Current issues

You can take a look at the corrections on Thursday (11.08) 10 am
The corrections of your exams are finished.
In the solution of exercise 7 (the draft) from the test exam part 1, (a) and (b) are interchanged!
No lecture on Jul 28
The tutorial on July 08, 2011 will start at 09:00 am
Every Thursday the lecture begins at 10:20 am
The lecture begins on Monday Mai 02, 2011
The tutorial begins on Friday Mai 06, 2011



Mon 02:15 - 3:45 pm room: 02.07.023 von Harrach
Thu 10:20- 11:50 am room: 03.08.011 von Harrach

Fri 10:15- 11:45 am room: 00.08.059 Ullrich

Final exam
03.08.2011 (Wednesday) 10:00- 12:00 am room: MW 1350 von Harrach / Ullrich

Final exam

In the exam you are allowed to use:

The corrections of your exams are finished. I propose that you can take a look at the corrections on Thursday (11.08) 10:00 – 11:00 am.
If you are interested in the grade of your exams, you can write me an email to 'mullrich@ma.tum.de'.
I can't take a look at your results on the weekend, so you have to wait until Monday.

Those who haven't passed the exam (grade 5.0) can resit the exam in an oral examination on the 26. Sept. 2011.

Lecture materials


Further reading

For mathematicians: